my tunes

welcome to my humble music page!

i like to play around with music softwares sometimes - but please know that i have absolutely no idea what im doing

feel free to take a listen to my very amateur works! (people who actually know things about music please look away)

[9/3/2020] made this song after a making up with garageband after it kept freezing uncontrollably until i updated my laptop. i think its kinda cute im quite proud of it

spacefox · garageband is now my friend again

[29/10/2023] after like 2 years of not touching music i wanted to make something spooky for halloween month. used musescore

spacefox · A song for your ghost

[27/10/2023] inspired by when i went to the kite festival! wanted to make something whimsical and light-hearted

spacefox · Kite

[29/04/2024] Wanted to make something cute and light hearted! Listening to this while eating a good breakfast made me very happy

spacefox · Morning