Thank you for stopping by my site!! i originally made it on a whim because i was procrstinating on my work but now it's a fun little project I work on from time to time :) Here you can find my art, random life updates and things im obsessed with


Life updates:

[06.04.24] Cramming for exams...

[30.03.24] Been playing touhou!

[03.03.24] Grinding my dissertation

[11.11.23] Been playing around with air dry clay

[29.11.23] Went to comic con

[14.10.23] Went to the local kite festival!!

[10.10.23] I fully recovered. only after a month. don't get sick kids wear a mask

[19.09.23] I got sick :')

[25.08.23] Back to uni...

[17.08.23] Learning blender!!

[15.08.23] Went to the aquarium with my parents :D